There are many, many new crypto-currency launches and without some media attention, it’s hard to stand out. So it’s time to take a closer look at cryptocurrency marketing. Rather than following the industry hype, cryptocurrency companies should create their own message and integrate their project into the larger conversation about blockchain. This is where news about crypto-currencies and crypto-currency marketing has a better chance of being seen and meeting people who are interested and want to learn about it.

Focus on the relevant audience

Whoever buys a token of a crypto-currency may be interested in making a profit, but not only, some prefer companies that produce something, while others focus on the algorithms of the exchanges, still other buyers have very different priorities.

To be attractive to investors, it is not enough to create a token. Some of the customers make their choice based on the personal data of a company, others observe the channels through which new crypto-currencies are presented.

For example, some tokens allow the developer to address a specific audience. On the other hand, a token that uses a foreign exchange algorithm is aimed at a different type of investor. Sometimes, the audience for a purchase comes from an industry that has not been interested in crypto-currencies at all. In this case, they often come from other platforms. These customers partly come from betting platforms and otherwise prefer sports betting and therefore behave very differently from other investors.

Effective marketing requires simple information

The new and different nature of blockchain and crypto-currency businesses calls for a new way of informing the public about everything your new token can do. If your token has special benefits or offers privileges over existing assets, this information needs to be communicated directly to interested individuals and potential customers, as they always want to know how much their investment increases in value. A new crypto-currency becomes particularly attractive to investors if the value of the token can be increased by enabling the current use of the new product.

Therefore, you should be able to clearly explain why an investment in your token is particularly attractive to an investor. The cryptocurrency marketing strategy is even more effective if the audience has little experience with buying or using tokens. Complex strategies or explanations are more likely to confuse this type of investor than to inform and convince them. This is why it is important not to use different portfolios and to ensure that those who can invest in the project do so in accordance with the law.

Put more emphasis on the reputation of the founders

When a blockchain company is founded, many crypto-currency companies are usually marketing the possibility of a new form of technology, which often involves a high risk for investors. For this reason, blockchain and crypto-currency founders should pay close attention to having a flawless reputation while being assisted by experts who have made a name for themselves in this field. A good marketing strategy is to get interviews in various media, have recommendations from experts and by making all the processes transparent to investors.

If you neglect this cryptocurrency marketing strategy, you risk showing a lack of seriousness. Therefore, cryptocurrency marketing should be taken seriously and implemented accurately.

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Build on community engagement

How to acquire tokens is uncharted territory for many buyers and there are many people who don’t really understand the process. Also, more often than you think, digital currencies are sent to the wrong internet address. However, there are also scammers who want to scam investors with fake accounts or who use a fake website to which investors then have to send their money, the wallet being a fake address.

That’s why every cryptocurrency company should make sure that their investors don’t fall for such scams and protect themselves from scammers upstream. You yourself should educate your team of employees on how they can help investors. This includes solving common problems and providing support in chat rooms, where investors often ask questions that are important to them. In addition, you need to post regular updates and guide investors safely to your website, social networks or other communication channels.

Make sure your developers and marketing experts are coordinating

Your cryptocurrency marketing team shouldn’t necessarily be made up of mathematicians, cryptographers or developers. Instead, they should think like people they want to reach customers.

This cryptocurrency marketing team will be on the front lines of representing your business and speaking to your potential customers. Therefore, communication between the developers and the cryptocurrency marketing team is important and constructive. They need to work together as a team for the success of the project.

You need to ensure that the cryptocurrency marketing team also understands your project as a whole and is involved in the development process. This improves communication with anyone who has less technical knowledge.

With clear internal communication, there are fewer misunderstandings and it also makes it easier for the crypto currency marketing team’s intentions to reach the right people with their message.

Be available and active in your community

Some cryptocurrency communities are pretty much left to their own devices. But this results in the experiences of old and new people often not being shared, which doesn’t reflect well on the community, or on you and your crypto-currency.

Instead, you should actively participate in the community and be available for questions. Furthermore, you yourself should start conversations and influence them positively with your knowledge, while answering questions, giving feedback and communicating your ideas to the public.

Observe what is happening in your community and industry. At the same time, you should take the necessary steps to be able to respond to your audience at any time. This will result in a happier and more engaged community.


Anyone who wants to successfully launch a cryptocurrency on the market cannot do without good marketing. This marketing should start as early as possible and not only when the product is launched on the market. Furthermore, it is important to generate the customer base early enough through marketing, as this is the only way to successfully launch the crypto-currency.