Advertising in digital worlds is definitely on the radar of many marketers in 2022. We’ll explain why.

A survey has shown that times are changing and that people working in marketing need to change with the times as well. For this survey, 845 marketers with different levels of experience were interviewed to find out how they are adapting to new trends.

Social networks and content

In 2022, the most important area for marketing opportunities was still social networks and content marketing. This is true for all age groups and experience levels of marketers. There is, however, a new place: the Metaverse. 57% of marketers surveyed want to have a brand presence in the Metaverse by 2023.

Marketers with more than six years of experience are much more supportive of having a brand presence in the Metaverse (64%) than those with less experience (53%).

Crypto-space has also caught the imagination of marketers, with 57 percent of respondents across all experience levels saying that using crypto-currencies would ideally be part of their marketing plans in the coming years.

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Virtual reality headset for marketing campaigns

One in four specialists recognized the opportunities offered by NFTs. Non-fungible tokens took the market by storm last year. Among new marketers, NFTs were the fourth most popular trend.

Marketing in the metaverse

The company that conducted the survey, reported that many marketers have already recognized the potential of the marketing metaverse.

The acceptance of crypto-currencies, which has grown in popularity again this year, was endorsed by 38% of those surveyed. This indicates possible future growth in the sector and highlights the importance of Metaverse adoption in future strategies.

Staying flexible and able to adapt to change is the top priority of marketing. Many marketers have adapted to these changes. They have embraced new spaces like the Metaverse as places of seemingly endless possibilities.